Weekly Report – 11.12.19

crews under portable building setting foundation

Heating and Winterization

The MFLTRG Case Management team is working together with Knik Heating to help several survivors with safe and reliable heat. Service calls are scheduled for this week to address options for 3 families. The Willow Methodist Church has donated funds specifically for heating assistance and LTRG member, Tom Phillips, will donate two monitor heating units to survivors most in need.

The Construction Team is working to find affordable housing that is more winter-appropriate versus retro-fitting trailers or mobile homes that are inefficient to heat or not planned to remain as permanent housing. To make the best use of available resources the team is looking for housing that will be cost-effective to heat. Tiny home purchases or onsite construction of similar structures with volunteer crews from Job Corps are being researched. A meeting is scheduled this week to review options.

Transportation arrangements were made and the classroom portable was delivered to a family this week. A two-bedroom ATCO trailer was assessed and is available for a family. Both of these are well insulated, safe housing options.

classroom portable delivery to survivor

Volunteers and Recovery Team Building

The Case Management Supervisor position has been advertised over the last week. There are two applicants. Team members will continue to share the job details and network to find additional applicants. This is a paid, temporary, part-time, independent contractor position based on existing grant funding.  Reimbursement for mileage and approved expenses are included. Training for case management-specific skills will be provided so initial requirements are simply a desire to help those affected, be organized, detail-oriented, with good communication skills, able to work independently and have your own reliable transportation.

Cheryl Newsome from the Christ Centered Community Church in Caswell Lakes has volunteered for the Finance Chair position. She has a background in accounting, lives in the affected area and we are appreciative of her offer to assist.

Two individuals in the construction field were introduced to the Construction Chair position and expressed interest in volunteering. The team will follow up with them to review job details and answer questions.

A volunteer form was added to our website Contact Us page. People interested in helping with the recovery work can add their names to the list of volunteers and specify their skills or areas of interest they want to be involved with. This information will go to Michele Harmeling for coordination.

Other Announcements

This website was built last week to provide a regular, consistent channel of communication to the public about the MFLTRG work and developments.

Case Management is getting estimates this week for dirt work and building site preparation to reduce the timeline to build when construction considerations are finalized for survivors.

Debris clean-up crews contracted by the MSB are expected to restart work again this week.

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